Why we need your support

The Escolinha Nhassanana doesn´t have monthly revenues apart from the monthly parental contributions. These contributions add up to 431 Euros per month. The monthly cost for child care and food add up to 1051 Euros. The undeniable difference has been compensated through donations by companies, embassies and private persons. Furthermore has the daily work been supported voluntary workers.

As you can see our project currently still depends on help from outside. The goal defined by ourselves is to establish the kindergarten sustainably and economically independent until 2019.

Therefore we need support in several aspects, as for example:

  • Construction of a new building (made of stones) to contain a new callsrooms, kitchen, dormitory, refectory and sanitary supply
  • Purchase an own vehicle
  • Purchase of working materials as books, toys and office supplies
  • Development of source of income, e.g. buy our own minibus
  • Expansion of kindergarten grounds and buildings
  • Extension of pedagogical working groups in the kindergarten

If you think our project is something you would like to support, we would gratefully accept your help. You have the following options:

  • 50 € / month:  complete sponsorship of two children
  • 25 € / month:  complete sponsorship of a child
  • 15 € / month:  simple support of a child
  • 1 - 10 € / month: be a friend of the children

Our donation account in Germany

ACCOUNT:Mama Africa Hilfe für Mozambique
IBAN:     DE76 5206 0410 0005 3490 60
BANK:     Evangelische Bank eG
TEXT:   Escolinha Nhassanana + YOUR MAIL-ADRESSE


Our donation account in Mocambique

IBAN:MZ59 0008 0000 1530 2915 1037 4
NIB:     0008 0000 1530 2915 1037 4
TEXT:Escolinha Nhassanana